Chef Special


Omakase – In this style of dining, the Chef’ selects dishes for you which offer an array of our freshest & special fish based on your unique flavor profile. You will experience a variety of sushi styles using traditional Japanese techniques. Expect the chef to be innovative and surprising in the selection of dishes.




chefspecial 1
Ken Style Aburi – nearly a century ago in Japan. The act of applying fire directly to lightly sear is known to enhance the natural flavors of the fish. Ken’s style aburi with special sauce has innovated in the traditional methods.




chef special2
S-type sushi – chopped freshest fish over rice and seasoning serving in the spoon.




Crispy seaweed sushi – “Gunkan” means naval ship in Japanese,because the seaweed wrapped rice ball looks like a naval ship. We use a crispy seaweed instead of the chewy seaweed. Chef Ken’s original creation resembles an air craft carrier instead of the ”naval ship”




D-Type Sushi – Tempura fried sushi rice instead of traditional sushi rice, greacy crispy rice take over ingredients original taste. we call that “Dark sushi”.